Working Together for Claude

Working Together for Claude

On Christmas Eve, we all had quite a scare when one of our boys from Glory Glory, Claude who is 17 years old, needed to go to the hospital for what turned out to be an intestinal perforation which led to acute peritonitis. Pastor Sam and our nurse on staff, Michaelle, rushed him to the Port-au-Prince hospital about 6 hours away so that he could get the surgery he needed. He spent a week in the hospital recovering and was finally taken home to recover with Michaelle by his side. Because of funds that have been raised for Evolution Haiti, we were able to fund the surgery and his extended stay in the hospital. Thank you to everyone who has donated to make this happen!

What struck us was that Claude’s story is even bigger than just him. We think it spoke to the other 55 kids at Glory Glory to let them know that if something happens to them they have people that will do anything to step in and care for them. It was a beautiful partnership between Evolution Haiti, Pastor Sam, and nurse Michaelle. Even the people in the surrounding villages were rejoicing when he returned. We can achieve so much together!

Join us by giving to our Medical & Dental Fund so we can continue to care for these children well!

To Donate:

  1. Visit the Donate Page
  2. Select the third option: Project Specific Donation
  3. On the next page, choose Medical & Dental from the designation drop menu

Thank you in advance for your support!

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