Emmanuelle Heads to Medical School in the Dominican Republic

Emmanuelle Heads to Medical School in the Dominican Republic

We first met Emmanuelle when she was 12 years old in 2010 after she and her siblings were orphaned by the earthquake. She was taken in by Pastor Sam along with 50 other kids and we have watched her grow since then. She was so welcoming each time our Evolution Haiti teams would come to visit and she took a particular interest in working alongside our medical teams when we held local medical clinics in Haiti. She said early on that she had wanted to become a doctor herself and pursue medical school.

Well, the time has come! She is now 21 and has graduated from high school and is off to get her medical degree in the Dominican Republic. Her program will take 6 years and then she has given a 3 year commitment to Pastor Sam to work with him in Haiti serving the kids and community after she graduates. She just moved to the DR this month and is going to be taking a 3 month intensive Spanish class since all of her classes will be in Spanish.

Here is what we need. We need people who will give an ongoing or one time donation to help cover her expenses. Here are her costs:

  • $200 for schooling each semester
  • $250 monthly for lodging
  • $300 monthly for food, clothing, and other expenses
  • Please consider donating to our Training & Education Fund to help cover the costs of Emmanuelle’s schooling.

To Donate:

  1. Visit the Donate Page
  2. Select the third option: Project Specific Donation
  3. On the next page, choose Training & Education Fund from the designation drop menu

Thank you in advance for your support!

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